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Oval D Shaped Shower Curtain Rail


Shower Curtain Rails

1200mm x 730mm Oval D shaped shower curtain rail from Cherished Radiators: Finishes available in Gold, Chrome and Nickel plated, or Coloured powder coat to suit.

This elegant and problem solving curtain rail is hand built in the UK and is fixed to the wall with two supports, allowing it to be fitted in bathrooms with any height ceiling, making it ideal for sloped walls/roofs and will even fit snuggly on the most uneven of surfaces.

Shower Curtain Rail Projects 830mm from the wall.

Cherished Radiators Guarantee This Oval Shaped Shower Curtain Rail is the best you will find in the UK

Price includes delivery and VAT. For any enquires or bespoke requests feel free to call for further information.



  • Height1200mm / 47.24"
  • Width730mm / 28.74"
  • Overall Projection830mm / 32.68"
  • Tube Size25mm / 0.98"
Bespoke Finish
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